“Action without planning is the cause of all failure.
Action with planning is the cause of all success."
- Brian Tracy

Middletown, VA

Middletown, Virginia Has a Future….
and YOU have an important part to play in it!

What is this site?
A collection of documentation and recommendations concerning government & managed growth for Middletown, VA.

Why is this site on the WWW?
To allow easy access to information, not currently being provided by Town government, to all the citizens of Middletown, VA., in a cost effective and timely manner.

What is this site supposed to accomplish?
Help and encourage the Middletown community to make informed choices.

Who is responsible for the site?
Former Councilor (2004-2008) and Mayor (2009-2012) of Middletown, Marshall “Mark” Brown.

What is meant by “I have important part to play in it?”
You, as registered voters, are the only individuals who determine the direction Middletown takes. Your knowledge of the candidates, the issues, the choices, and the actions taken by your elected officials decide the future of our community. During the last general election in 2008, with 734 registered voters on the lists, only 252 went to the polls to vote for Middletown’s Mayor and Councilors while an apathetic 66% stayed home.
As of September 2012, there were 1,265 men, women and children living in Middletown. Of those, 920 were 18 years of age or older and an impressive 814 (88%) were registered voters.

Don’t you think it’s time you made your voice heard?

Middletown’s growth has been sporadic largely due to the planning successes and failures on the part of its elected and appointed officials. Every successful man, woman and child plans - whether it’s a farmer scheduling crop plantings, a young family setting aside assets for retirement or even a 10-year old writing a letter to Santa. Yet, somehow, when these same individuals assume an elected position, the concept of planning becomes a foreign concept. “Chest beating” for successfully reacting to a bad situation suddenly takes pride of place over being proactive for keeping the situation from even happening! Our current officials are so busy stomping out fires that they have failed to realize that if they had made the time to put a plan in place, there wouldn’t even have been fuel for a fire. Actions are being taken without a thought for the potential long term negative impacts, a prime example being the recent elimination of the position of Town Manager for which the majority of Council gave no indication that they had even read the job description.

Ultimately, the responsibility for good planning falls upon all of us. We elect our officials to represent us and we are responsible for insuring that they not only have the best interests of our community at heart, but have the integrity (“doing the right thing when no-one is watching” - C. S. Lewis) and capability to follow through with whatever actions need to be taken. This web site will hopefully arm you with the knowledge to not only vet the individuals asking for your vote, but to give you the tools to actively participate in the planning process – a process that directly impacts Middletown’s economic prosperity, home values, even your family’s safety.